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New McObject Video

Steven Graves


McObject has released a new video.

The topic is eXtremeDB Financial Edition and the performance gains that can be achieved by 'pipelining’ that product’s vector-based statistical functions. The video has code-level details to interest programmers, and animations that explain important concepts – including row- vs. column-based data handling, and the benefits of pipelining to optimize L1/L2 CPU cache usage – at a higher level.

Pipelining is a powerful technique that should interest folks developing real-time capital markets applications (algo trading, risk management, quantitative analysis, etc.)

It’s on YouTube now:

By the way, have your checked out our first, introductory eXtremeDB Financial Edition video? It is accessible via YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlsezbvWpbE.


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