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  2. how to reset correctly

    yes this does the trick, iterator.remove thanks
  3. My delete does not work

  4. My delete does not work

    1. You should exclude objects from index(es) prior to deallocation it. I do not think that it will really cause a problem in your case, but in any case it is reasonable to exclude objects from indexes before deallocating them. 2. Deallocation of objects is done in many Perst examples. You can look at TestAlloc.java, for example. 3. It is not clear from your code what is the original size of the database and how many objects are actually deleted by deleteFahrt. If it deletes just a few objects that have a total size of less than one page, then the size of database after compactification could be the same as the original database.
  5. My delete does not work

    Hello, I changed my code and add deallocate for each object. But after that the used storage size is the same like before. I will attach my new Code to this post. Can you write me some example code how to completly delete single objects(with deallocation and so on)? Perst delete Fahrt.txt
  6. My delete does not work

    Excluding objects from index doesn't cause deallocation of object instances themselves. You must explicitly call Deallocate() method for each object or use ITable.DeallocateMembers method.
  7. My delete does not work

    Hello, I changed my code for delete and added a db.commit. But this changes nothing. The needed Space is the same like before delete. I will attach my new code to this post. Perst delete code example.txt
  8. My delete does not work

    You need to commit the current transaction to persist your changes and make them visible in backup.
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