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Found 1 result

  1. how to reset correctly

    Hy, I am trying to evaluate the peformance of perstdb for our specific project. Therefore I try to use a method for insert ten times. First iteration is okay, then reset and in second iteration I got an error. FATAL EXCEPTION: IntentService[MessService] Process: de.gerding.dbcompare, PID: 4755 java.util.NoSuchElementException at org.garret.perst.impl.Btree$BtreeSelectionIterator.next(Btree.java:984) at com.example.perstmanager.PerstDataManager.getFahrtDatabyName(PerstDataManager.java:289) at com.example.perstmanager.PerstDataManager.insertDataInFahrt(PerstDataManager.java:95) First the whole method: private FahrtData getFahrtDatabyName(String fahrtdataname) { boolean found = false; Iterator<FahrtData> iterator = root.dataKeyIndex.iterator(); FahrtData fahrtxData; do { fahrtxData = (FahrtData) iterator.next(); if(fahrtxData.strKey.equalsIgnoreCase(fahrtdataname)) { return fahrtxData; } }while(iterator.hasNext()); return null; } Line 289 is : fahrtxData = (FahrtData) iterator.next(); My code for reset is the following: @Override public void reset() { if(root.fahrtKeyIndex.size()>0) { root.fahrtKeyIndex.clear(); } if(root.dataKeyIndex.size()>0) { root.dataKeyIndex.clear(); } db.commit(); } Can you help me find out why this is only working for one iteration? may be I have to modify my reset code.