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  1. It looks like this was corrected in Android sometime in 2015. Does anyone know if this is still a problem? john
  2. jndinet

    NoSuchMethodException ?

    this turned out to be a bad project configuration in eclipse. john
  3. jndinet

    NoSuchMethodException ?

    hi, i'm getting the following error when i try to close database after a modification. app is running in android v5.0.2. i'm using perst v4.38 which i patched (see missing "org.garret.perst.impl.ClassDescriptorLoadFactory" ). i have successfully created and loaded data. any ideas on what's happening? john "Object access violation: org.garret.perst.StorageError: Object access violation: org.garret.perst.StorageError: Object access violation: org.garret.perst.StorageError: Object access violation: org.garret.perst.StorageError: Failed to build descriptor for class android.app.ContextImpl: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: <init> []
  4. do i have to use a particular version of the jdk? john
  5. hi, after a lot of thought i'm going to try and patch perst. couple of questions: 1) what pkg/class is this method in? i've tried to find but it's a big search. 2) i develop in eclipse. assuming i make the change, how do i rebuild perst (i.e. do i import all into eclipse, do you have a build script,....)? john
  6. i just tested on an htc one running android v5.0.1 and had the same results.
  7. as part of the open in StorageImpl a ClassDescriptor is created and ClassDescriptor.loadClass(String) has the bad string so the ClassforName fails.
  8. here is the code that causes the error. public void create(String pPath, JCModelODB pRoot) { initialize(); try{ db.open(pPath); <==== exception here works fine in earlier android ver db.setRoot(pRoot); modelRoot = pRoot; } catch (Exception e) { Log.e(JCBaseConstants.TAG, " set root exception "); } Log.e(JCBaseConstants.TAG, " ************* "); } public void initialize() { db = StorageFactory.getInstance().createStorage(); }
  9. hi, ignore last post. trace apparently is too big. this is the messaage from the debugger. Didn't find class "org.garret.perst.impl.ClassDescriptorLoadFactory" on path: DexPathList[[zip file "/data/app/com.soundsoftware.androidinventoryloadodb-2/base.apk"],nativeLibraryDirectories=[/vendor/lib, /system/lib]] john
  10. hi, i posted more info on this topic but don't see it. if post didn't work, let me know and i'll re-post. john
  11. hi all, i'm running perst 2.3.7. i have an application which is running under android v 2.3.4 on an htc. i'm trying to move it to android v 5.0.2 on a samsung tablet. when i debug it i get a class not found error with the class "org.garret.perst.impl.ClassDescriptorLoadFactory". the class "StorageFactory" is found. does anyone know where this class is and why it's not a problem under the older android version. john