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  1. My delete does not work

  2. My delete does not work

    Hello, I changed my code and add deallocate for each object. But after that the used storage size is the same like before. I will attach my new Code to this post. Can you write me some example code how to completly delete single objects(with deallocation and so on)? Perst delete Fahrt.txt
  3. My delete does not work

    Hello, I changed my code for delete and added a db.commit. But this changes nothing. The needed Space is the same like before delete. I will attach my new code to this post. Perst delete code example.txt
  4. My delete does not work

    yes. This happens in line 27 - 30 of my code Perst delete Fahrt.txt.
  5. My delete does not work

    Inside this code I delete the data and made a backup. You said after delete all data and making a backup the internal storage gets free. But this is not working. After delete and backup the size needed from internal storage is the same size like before delete.
  6. My delete does not work

    I will attach the used code as file to this post. Perst delete Fahrt.txt
  7. My delete does not work

    Can I use the same filepath which I use for the database or do I have to use a second file for backup?
  8. My delete does not work

    Where can I find this Method? I cannot find it with my rootclass or my index. How can I call the compactify method.
  9. My delete does not work

    Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem? Regards Mikkel
  10. My delete does not work

    Hello, I write some code to delete the data I added before. But it looks like it doesn't work. If I delete all data, and then make a reset and close the app I can see in the settings of my phone that the app still uses 4,5gb of diskspace for data. I will attach a .txt file with my code used for delete and reset Regards Mikkel Perst delete code example.txt
  11. getObjectby StrKey

    Hy, yes. It is solved. Thank you very much
  12. org.garret.perst.AssertionFailed: Assertion failed

    Looks like it works. Thank you for this good support.
  13. org.garret.perst.AssertionFailed: Assertion failed

    Ah yes. You're right. I forgot the empty constructor in my new Class. Seems that IPersistentList works now. Thank you. I will try it finally tomorrow.
  14. getObjectby StrKey

    Okay, I tried it. root.datakeyIndex.get(Key Key) can be used by me. But I found out that adding single objects is to slow. I have to add multiple Objects as a List. Can you help me to fix my Assertion Failed Exception when using the IPersistentList? I made another topic for that problem. I need a working solution for adding IPersistentLists of my Datatype. Can you help me with that? May be some example code that I can compare where I make mistakes
  15. getObjectby StrKey

    I have problems. root.foreignIndex is okay. but root.foreignIndex.dataKeyIndex can not be found. root.dataKeyIndex.get(Key Key) is a existing method. Can I use this instead?