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  1. Mr.Bacon

    Query 3+ values against one index

    This worked great, thanks for the quick response! Will this be added to the latest Perst source code for the general public?
  2. Mr.Bacon

    Query 3+ values against one index

    I've constructed a Perst database that contains several gigs worth of data, all keyed off of date. Occasionally, I have the need to query data across multiple, non-sequential dates using LINQ. Is it currently possible to do this in a way in which the index isn't ignored? So far, I've attempted the following: - Using multiple OR statements - PerstDBTable.Where(a => a.date == date1 || a.date == date2 || a.date == date3); //this only works up to two dates, with 3+ dates the index is ignored and a sequential scan is used. - Using a list and Contains - List<DateTime> dates = new List<DateTime>(); //populate dates here PerstDBTable.Where(a => dates.contains(a.Date)); //This query throws an exception within Perst Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you in advance!