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  1. saxxi

    select * where column = '%str%' ?

    Hi anybody know if is possible to search inside a field and not only with the beginning of a sentence? Iterator iterator = root.TradLngEn.prefixIterator("b"); for (int i = 0; iterator.hasNext(); i++) { Dict dict = (Dict)iterator.next(); trace("#"+i+"; "+dict.lngId+"; lngEn: "+dict.lngEn+"; lngIt: "+dict.lngIt+";"); } is more like "SELECT * FROM dict WHERE TradLngEn LIKE 'b%' " and i would like to do "SELECT * FROM dict WHERE TradLngEn LIKE '%b%' " S. ps: my program is for j2me so i guess i can't use jsql or others, isn't it true?
  2. saxxi

    perst simplest example

    Actually i did it.. i tryed to open the three projects (Guess, Basketball & TestIndex) but i found them really difficult for me. [i could at least successfully load and run them] Maybe a modification of the TestIndex project could help. Could you please modify TestIndex to add also a string field like "name" using this as source?: public static String[] mynames = {"Mike","Phill","Adit","Ale","Rolli","Miki","Luca","Manu","Coca","Pippo"}; Then adding something like System.out.println("reading field"+rec.mynames); in the right place so i could certainly understand how Perst works. Thanks Sax
  3. saxxi

    perst simplest example

    Hello i was trying to enter in perst world but i couldn't find in whole net simple perst/j2me examples. I could correctly load the perst given examples in netbeans and run them but for me are incomprehensible.. Could anybody post a simple code for example build a database for contacts (name, lastname, age) and read it, with any form, command, display, or whatever: like: /*load CSV with name, lastname, age */ ..... /*dump query "SELECT * FROM contacts ORDER BY name WHERE name LIKE '%Mike%' "*/ ..... [these could be the essential tools to begin programming something useful ] Another question, is it possible to add data? ex. "INSERT INTO contacts VALUES (name, lastname, age)" thanks Sax