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Reading XML with multi-key index: StorageError: Incompatible key type

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Hi support,

I have a problem reading back XML created by Perst. My root object contains an index with two string keys. The database seems to operate Ok, I can successfully export it as XML. The resulting XML looks Ok either. But I got the following exception when I try to read it back:

org.garret.perst.StorageError: Incompatible key type
at org.garret.perst.impl.Btree.checkKey(Btree.java:109)
at org.garret.perst.impl.Btree.insert(Btree.java:180)
at org.garret.perst.impl.XMLImporter.createIndex(XMLImporter.java:509)
at org.garret.perst.impl.XMLImporter.importDatabase(XMLImporter.java:60)
at org.garret.perst.impl.StorageImpl.importXML(StorageImpl.java:2643)
at testperst.TestRepository.testXmlImport(TestRepository.java:43)

I use perst-436.jar.

My root class is as follows:

package testperst;

import org.eclipse.jdt.annotation.NonNull;
import org.garret.perst.IPersistent;
import org.garret.perst.Index;
import org.garret.perst.Key;
import org.garret.perst.Persistent;
import org.garret.perst.Storage;

public class MyRoot extends Persistent {
  public MyRoot() {

  public MyRoot(@NonNull Storage storage) {
    rootIndex = storage.createIndex(new @NonNull Class [] {String.class, String.class}, true);
  public void put(@NonNull IPersistent o, @NonNull String a, @NonNull String  {
    @NonNull Key key = new Key(new Object[]{a, b});
    rootIndex.put(key, o);

  private Index rootIndex;

The test class is:

package testperst;

import java.io.BufferedReader;

public class TestRepository {
  @Test public void testInitDB() throws Exception {
    Storage db = getStorage();

  @Test public void testXmlExport() throws Exception {
    Storage db = getStorage();
    assert db != null;
    try {
      Writer writer = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter("/tmp/testPerst.xml"));
    } catch (IOException x) {
      System.err.println("Export failed: " + x);

  @Test public void testXmlImport() throws Exception {
    Storage db = getStorage();
    assert db != null;
    try {
      Reader reader
      = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("/tmp/testPerst.xml"));
    } catch (IOException x) {
      System.err.println("Import failed: " + x);
      throw x;
  private @NonNull Storage getStorage() {
    Storage db = StorageFactory.getInstance().createStorage();
    db.open("test.dbs", Storage.DEFAULT_PAGE_POOL_SIZE);
    return db;

  private @NonNull MyRoot getRootIndex(@NonNull Storage db) {
    MyRoot o = (MyRoot) db.getRoot();
    if(o == null) {
      o = new MyRoot(db);
      o.put(new Persistent(), "key1", "key2");
    return o;


The XML is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<database root="4100">
 <testperst.MyRoot id="4100">
  <rootIndex><ref id="4103"/></rootIndex>
 <org.garret.perst.impl.BtreeCompoundIndex id="4103" unique="1" type0="String" type1="String">
  <ref id="4097" key0="key1" key1="key2"/>
 <org.garret.perst.Persistent id="4097">



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Sorry, it is bug in Perst. Here is a patch, which will be incorporated into the next release of Perst.

Index: src/org/garret/perst/impl/BtreeCompoundIndex.java
--- src/org/garret/perst/impl/BtreeCompoundIndex.java (revision 15844)
+++ src/org/garret/perst/impl/BtreeCompoundIndex.java (working copy)
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@

BtreeCompoundIndex(int[] types, boolean unique) {
+ type = ClassDescriptor.tpArrayOfByte;
this.types = types;
this.unique = unique;

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